"There is a natural flow to our work - our clients continually evolve, we discover new perspectives every day". 


A different point of view
Through a tried and tested methodology Sarah and her team explore what drives you and your organisation, why you are different from all the rest and how you can create sustainable revenues in exciting new ways.

Over twenty years experience
Sarah has worked in this field for over twenty years constantly developing and learning how people and organisations behave and how we connect with each other and the brands that surround us. She has researched hundreds of markets and industries for clients.

For everyone
She brings her real world experience and broad expertise to projects of all types and sizes for both profit and non profit organisations.

Well connected
As a Fellow of the RSA, a Board Member for the Brand Content Marketing Association and a recent judge for the National Business Awards Innovations Category, Sarah is well connected within a variety of sectors, both private and public. She works with a small team of professionals in Chelsea, London.