Making Sense of City Life

stylish living that makes sense

stylish living that makes sense


At Home In The City

More and more of us live in cities. Cities drive you mad. They choke you up, hurry you along and tempt you senseless.

"It's time to take back some of the control we lose when surrounded by buildings and the hustle and bustle of busy streets."

Online Resource

Advocateur is an online resource focusing on the wonder of naturebeautiful craftsmanship and deep human connection. We take a youthful approach and a wise perspective on modern day lifestyles. 

If you would like to contribute as a writer, advertise or partner with Advocateur email us. 

Slow Down

Advocateur is a respite from all that haste and frenzy. Advocateur loves the city and understands how to cool things down, how to slow the pace and  find hidden depths. Country folk head back to the country for R & R, we think the city can offer that too. You just need to know where to look and who to connect with.


We organise three events, Centrepieces, Soundscapes and Friends in High Places. Each event is designed to inspire the participants to become more aware of the world around them.

Special Reports

Advocateur also publishes special reports on areas of particular interest to our readers. Advocateur is read by those who are interested in making sense of city life. Part of Advocateur's profits go to projects that make life in the city better.

Advocateur as a name and its concept is the intellectual property of Sarah Farrugia & Company