Built on Trust 

A construction company with a refined approach

Benedict Pippet created Bondsbury to deliver a wide-ranging portfolio of commissions from highly specified contemporary town apartments to large homes full of character and charm.

We were asked by the designer to work on a brand strategy to ensure that Bondsbury's brand image and supporting materials were in keeping with the quality of project and clients they attract.  

We commissioned a specialist property photographer to take shots that reflected the quality and detail that typify Bondsbury’s signature finish.

The highest quality photography was integral to the visual identity for the brand. Our team then organised the photoshoots, undertaking creative direction, finding the right stylist to join the team. The stylist created mood boards to ensure the photography met with the brand image we had envisioned.

We are now creating stationery and presentation materials that reinforce the brand identity and producing a targeted email marketing campaign with a planned social media presence. 


Bondsbury is a construction business that understands how to build homes with the level of personal care and attention that the most discerning architects and clients expect. 

We have worked with Sarah and her team over the past few months to create a website and supporting marketing approach that presents our work to our clients. Sarah understands her clients’ needs in depth and is able to articulate a vision that is both challenging and achievable. It is greatly satisfying to see the whole identity and marketing take shape.
— Benedict Pippet, Owner