“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.”

Samuel Johnson

A Wander Into The Unknown

Most people know about beautiful homes, fine wine and expensive cars. The media and the advertising industry puts these in front of us every day. Many of us feel confident choosing a luxury item that we have been told is the one to buy. 

Individual and Unique

Yet many sophisticated buyers are wholly unaware of some of the more discrete and understated companies, the ones that don't splash themselves across the luxury press. Without the backstories to feel knowledgeable about what makes the items so precious, they hesitate to buy and sometimes even to enter the store. 

Refresh the Imagination

That is where Centrepieces fits in. We bring together curious buyers who want to learn and understand the craftsmanship and the stories of the genius behind the objects and pieces. 


Each Centrepiece event offers focus and time to both the store and the client - time to listen and explain and to discover the beauty that is on display. To understand what goes on behind the scenes and what inspired the original concepts.

Although I have lived in the area for many years and often gaze through the windows at the shops along the Pimlico Road, I have rarely actually entered one of them. I had always mistakenly found them slightly intimidating.

The Centrepieces event changed my feelings completely - we were given the opportunity to meet and learn from the wonderful and friendly experts who work on Pimlico Road and to discover that the exquisite pieces they display are all much more accessible than I had ever imagined. I have in fact subsequently been back to buy a present for my husband’s 40th birthday - something which would never have occurred to me in the past.

A truly enriching event to attend.
— Kate
Many thanks for a really lovely event last night. It was very interesting to be introduced to such beautiful galleries in an area I was not familiar with. I will definitely go back to look properly and recommend to friends. We are very sorry we had to leave before the end and missed saying good-bye and thank you. I am sure everyone enjoyed it and it all went well.

I look forward to seeing you again soon.
— Louise
We were delighted to welcome so many customers eager to understand our work. We have been impressed by the level of interest after the event and we would readily take part in the next one.
— John
It was a pleasure to be invited to take part in ‘Centrepieces’ in October. One is often guilty of not paying enough attention to what is on our doorstep, so the idea of inviting local businesses to present a ‘centrepiece’ for the home to local residents was an inspired one, and a great opportunity for me, as a small business owner, to let local residents know a bit more about our posters - the inspiration behind them, how we design, commission and produce them – and to take questions.

The event was beautifully organised, with small groups taking their turn to visit a number of interiors companies, all on the Pimlico Road. It was also an ideal opportunity for me to learn a bit more about neighbouring businesses, as we don’t really get a chance to visit each other’s shops during normal opening hours. The evening could not have been better, as well as being great fun, everyone learned something, and enjoyed delicious canapés and wine along the way!
— Georgina, Gallery Owner
Dear Sarah,

Thank you so much for organising such a great Centrepieces event.
— Eleanor

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If you are interested in meeting curious customers and having the opportunity to present your objects and work at a Centrepieces event then contact call +44(0)20 3376 5050. 

Events take place in Central London. 


Centrepieces as a name and its concept is the intellectual property of Sarah Farrugia & Company