Creative Daze

"Learn how to see, realise that everything connects to everything else."

Leonardo Da Vinci

See things in new ways

Artists and creatives soak up the atmosphere around them, looking at the world to see new ways to express life.

Drive innovation

Today businesses and organisations of all sizes and in every sector are realising that creativity is the root of their future success. 

Refresh the imagination

Creativity and imaginations can be stifled by the efficiencies and processes necessary to create large, profitable organisations. Many are realising they are ready to see the world with fresh eyes, to make leaps of imagination that will join dots in unusual and exciting new ways.

Take time out

Creative Daze provides a way to bridge this imagination gap, rebuilding and restoring vision and inspiration. Take time out from the usual routines, refresh and refocus, stimulate new ideas and thinking to give renewed vigour to the daily workplace.

Book today

You can book on an individual basis or as a group. It is an ideal way for entrepreneurs, work teams and creatives to replenish their inner reserves. Events take place in Central London. Prices start from £60 per person. Simply email us for further information.

You Must Create
The Board wanted to relaunch their brand, and overhaul their customer engagement programme, but it was clear they really had to think about how the world was changing and immerse themselves before even starting to talk to customers.
— Wendy
My team had forgotten how to see, they were so focused on targets and processes that they were missing the bigger picture and the greater opportunities right in front of them. Creative Daze restored their imaginations and kickstarted a whole new way of looking at the world.
— John

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