The Feathers Association

Restoring an historic London youth charity.

A Country Retreat for The Fourth Feathers members

Challenging stereotypes

The aim of the website was not simply to provide an online source of information about the Club and the Association but to challenge the underlying story we tell ourselves about disadvantaged and underprivileged young people today. 

Sarah is helping us to develop and expand the work we are currently doing at the Feathers and reminded us of the outstanding work we have done in the past and the challenges that lie ahead. We are really excited about our opportunities and the impact we can make on the lives of young people in London today.
— Mary Buckley, co-Chairman

The Great Depression

The Feathers Association and The Fourth Feathers Youth and Community Centre was started in the 1920s by Edward VIII and his companion Freda Dudley Ward to help men out of work during the Great Depression. 

A social occasion

In the 1950s the Feathers Charity Ball was established for young socialites to launch them into the London scene. This soon became the main fundraising source for the Association. 

Modernising history

The Charity wanted to progress and deliver more effectively on its mission and needed to modernise. We undertook a review of the Charity and Youth Organisation sectors and the issues facing young people in London today. We held meetings with the team at the Youth Club and with the Trustees and we then presented a positioning paper.