New Designers

A Sector Favourite Freshens Up

New Designer of the Year 2012

New Designer of the Year 2012


New Designers is a well respected event for British graduates and attracts visitors from innovative businesses looking for the next big designer and new talent for British industry. The management team wanted to understand how they were perceived by their customers and the educational sector to consider their future strategy for development over the next few years.

"Sarah clearly articulated our position in the market from our customer's point of view. We gained real insight into how they felt about us and what they wanted from us. It was a very important process for us to go through as it reaffirmed key areas we thought we were getting right but more importantly it helped us form new ideas about how we might better communicate with our exhibitors and visitors in the future. There's something very exciting and energising about listening deeply to your customers and delivering what they need." Isobel Dennis, Show Director