“Presence is more than just being there"

Malcolm Forbes

Sounds of The City

For those who choose to live in Central London it can be a madly busy rush from one appointment to the next. Even when at rest we can be busy catching up on the news, going to the latest restaurants, seeing friends and family. Sometimes we have very little really restful time to restore our natural connection with
the land.

Take A Moment

We can too soon forget to listen to our surroundings when our world crashes
into our minds and distracts us constantly.
By listening to the land and the natural environment even in the middle of a busy city like London we can restore our natural resources and find a peace that will support us to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a challenging world.

Listen to The World Around Us

That is where Soundscapes fits in. We bring together those who want to escape London life for a brief moment to remind ourselves that we can be at rest and peace without having to head to the country or to the sea. 

Deeply Regenerative

Each Soundscape event offers everyone the time to be present to the world around us which then transforms the rest of your days. We find patience where we were impatient. We recover our generosity and sense of humour. We restore our mental rest and inner joy. 

Register today

If you are interested in being part of our next Soundscapes event and having the opportunity to be present in your surroundings as a habitual way of life contact us  
+44(0)20 3376 5050. Events take place in Central London. 

Breathe by Stefan Lubo

Breathe by Stefan Lubo

It’s strange to think that the gardens and parks constantly available to us in the city can restore our natural wellbeing and yet we choose to stay in the madness and rush of the high street and struggle with peace of mind. I would recommend anyone to take a moment and be part of such a special event.
— Susan
We were so pleased to share our space with such an interested group of guests and to experience something so restorative with them and with others.
— Harry



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