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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

"We admire success but we treasure fairness and opportunity" Susan Crawford

I regularly write on LinkedIn and occasionally on Stuff and  Medium

Through writing I discover what I think, how I see things and what interests me. Through the act of writing I can enjoy words, literacy, the music of language and can nourish something deep within.

Each of us has our own well of creativity that is there for us. Without filling and then drinking from that well we all become thirsty and the land becomes parched.

Simply find your creative outlet and spend time there. The rest will follow as night follows day. 

Art Style Authority

How We Relate To Others 

See your direction clearly


All Becomes Clear

Lois finds after a period of reflection and thought that she admires Joni's artistic abilities and she relates to her perspective on the world and society. She thinks Joni is saying important things and she is inspired to say things herself and express her own creativity even more. She wants to be more like Joni. A free spirit with a deep soul.

She realises that Fiona values the way people look, how they dress and Lois realises wants to express her own style
and sense of fun more authentically  
whilst retaining her deepest held values. 

She realises that Michael is quite domineering, he is so self-assured. Lois recognises that she wants to spend time defining her own values, so she is as self-assured  and is able to express them clearly and strongly if and when necessary. In that way if Michael challenges her or has opinions or ways she disagrees with - then she can quietly and confidently put across her own point of view. 

By reflecting on our relationship with others and the feelings they bring out in us, we can begin to deal with issues and opportunities that have previously been eluding us. 


It's Our Responsibility To Understand

Understanding our relationships with those around us is fundamental to our lives both personal and professional. Why do some make our heart stir and others leave us cold? Why do some people inspire us to action and others motivate us to find the nearest exit? 

It's Us Not Them

It is well accepted psychologically that when others inspire or offend us the issue is not about the other but about ourselves. It is within us. So here's an example to illustrate the point and how to work through and root out issues that may be preventing you express yourself fully. 

Lois Takes A Look

Take four people - Joni Mitchell, the singer, Fiona, the PR, Michael, the FD and Lois Lane, a fictional character. This scenario is seen through the eyes of Lois Lane. It is Lois Lane's growth we are witnessing.

Lois loves Joni - she thinks she's amazing, she's hippy, cool, bohemian, beautiful, talented and soulful. Lois dislikes someone she knows called Fiona, who is a PR and Lois can't understand why Fiona drives her nuts. Fiona is beautiful and talented too. She also knows the FD at her newspaper, Michael - who she tolerates when she meets him in passing but who she would much rather avoid altogether. Yet Michael is talented and well meaning. Lois starts to wonder what is it about these three people that bring out the different moods in her. She'd rather enjoy time with each of them and not be affected.

Others may be sent to try us, but through this we can understand our own desires and opportunities more clearly. Their very presence helps us grow.
— Sarah Farrugia