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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." Leonardo da Vinci

"We admire success but we treasure fairness and opportunity" Susan Crawford

I regularly write on LinkedIn and occasionally on Stuff and  Medium

Through writing I discover what I think, how I see things and what interests me. Through the act of writing I can enjoy words, literacy, the music of language and can nourish something deep within.

Each of us has our own well of creativity that is there for us. Without filling and then drinking from that well we all become thirsty and the land becomes parched.

Simply find your creative outlet and spend time there. The rest will follow as night follows day. 

A Brand New World

Revving up for a good one...

Image of Sean Connery by Terry O'Neil  Taken by Pete Johnson at Ransom Art for Centrepieces

Image of Sean Connery by Terry O'Neil 
Taken by Pete Johnson at Ransom Art for Centrepieces


The New Year affects everyone - whether you are a curmudgeon or a Pollyanna. The New Year is always a time that makes people reflect on their lives, their hopes, both lost and unfulfilled, their failings, both real and imagined and their expectations, both high and low. 

Blogs are a great way to articulate quickly what you are about. They help businesses explore new ideas, test concepts, experiment more. They are a wonderful sounding board and feedback loop. 

Of course they are also a platform for ill considered statements and ego based publicity trips.

That's the point - they reveal much - about the inner machinations and thinking of the organisation or the person who writes them. It's much harder to mask the reality with a fully social organisation.

That's what's so refreshing and invigorating about marketing today in the real world, with real possibilities shared by so many from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

So here's to 2014 - and everything she can bring us - each and every one.