Work With Heart Programme

"The Heart Has A Mind of Its Own"


Robert Valett
The human heart feels things the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand.

Blaise Pascal
The heart has reasons that reason cannot know.

William Shakespeare
Go to your bosom; knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know…

Swami Sivananda
Put you heart, mind, intellect and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.

Hidden talents

Many of us under-utilise our gifts and talents. We hide them away, waste them or even just ignore them, whilst we get on with the day job and daily life.

Understanding creativity

I have studied human capability and creativity for over a decade focusing particularly on people's special interests. Those pursuits that we follow of our own accord, for the joy they give us. I have interviewed several thousand people from all walks of life. I have seen how we discover our talents, nurture them and then employ them to best effect.

From the heart

Previously I have used terms such as 'unlocking intelligence' but lately I have come to realise it's about the heart. I am not alone in understanding that 'the heart has a mind of its own'. Over the years I have worked informally with individuals to support them bring their unspoken desires to life.

Process and structure

I have now created the "Work With Heart Programme" to give the process structure and a sense of its own place in the world. It's gentle work but it gives you more strength than you expect. If you would like to participate in the Work With Heart Programme please email me for more information.

I could feel something big was happening but I didn’t know where it would lead. I went from no direction to knowing exactly where I’m heading, from a loss of confidence to feeling comfortable in the most testing meeting. Work is twice as enjoyable and my income more than doubled in the year following my work with Sarah.
— Cathy Howells, Words Work
Sarah listened and understood what I was trying to achieve and could clearly articulate what was getting in my way. She really saw the value in what I was setting out to do and boosted my confidence at a critical moment in my business life.
— Lynne Parker, Funny Women
My work is invisible and unusual and Sarah’s real world manner, her expertise and vision meant she could help me realise more clearly what I was aiming to do and why my work was so valuable. I felt relieved after having been so incisively comprehended. Sarah has an incredible capacity to penetrate into the unspoken heart and articulate feelings in a understandable way.
— Sara McCarthy, Performance Frequency
I couldn’t quite see my next steps, I knew there was something that didn’t sit well with what I was doing, but talking with Sarah meant I could really confidently move forward.
— Georgie, business owner

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